3 Tips on Self Care Ideas for Women & Body Positivity

3 tips on how to embrace your body this 2021..

Today we want to talk to you about how we can best start 2021: by embracing your body - as it is, no matter, the shape, size, or age. From the time that we are little girls onward, we have been taught that beauty is measured by our weight, the way we look, and our age. That has led to extreme self-confidence issues in most women I’ve ever known! Which can be especially hard to overcome when our bodies start changing. 

Speaking of our bodies changing - that’s something we need to get real about: Our bodies are going to be constantly changing throughout our lives! For some of us, our bodies and weight change every single month, if you’re retaining water or are bloated, if you’ve had a child, if you’re under stress, etc., etc., etc.! And we have been so hard on ourselves and each other! So I want to share three tips on how to embrace your body no matter what stage of life you are in: If you are someone going back to working out, someone who is pretty busy and not as active as you once were, or even if you are in great shape - this advice is for everyone.

  • Your body is your body; love it the way it is. 

  • The key here is confidence. Don’t let your size, shape, or age dictate the way you feel about yourself. We all come in a different package, but every package is beautiful! More than thinking about how your body looks, think about how your body feels! Are you giving your body the best nutritious food you can? Are you moving your body enough so your body isn’t sore? Enough for your body to do the work that it needs to provide you with all your need from it? Are you practicing positive reinforcement and creating a healthy image of who you are to yourself? Are you being gentle to yourself? Start thinking of your body more of what all it allows you to do, all the things you LOVE to do, than how it looks. It allows you to hug those you love. It allows you to sleep without pain. It allows you to workout and see results. Let’s make sure we are being mindful of how we are treating our body, and not worry so much about how we physically look.

  • Your body is your story; embrace it.

  • We all are in different stages of life, and our bodies reflect that. I am still recovering from a bad accident and back surgery. My goal in life right now is to have less inflamation and resulting pain. I am focusing on workouts that help me get my sensations back in my left leg and strengthen my body. I want to have a better range of motion and be less stiff! Maybe you just had a baby and want to take off that “baby weight.” Or maybe you are going through a chronic illness and have yet another goal. That’s why it is so important to know what part of the journey we are in, and to recognize what our individual goals are. We need to understand we are a work in progress and our journey is different from someone else. We do NOT want to compare ourselves with others! Being gentle with ourselves and acknowledging that our goals will continue to change and evolve as we do can help us get there. 

  • Focus on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. 

  • Deciding to enjoy your health rather than your size, means that you can enjoy your health and your body every step of the way. You enjoy the transformation process more. The moment you start putting positive thoughts into your head, being grateful for what your body allows you to do, is going to be the one that motivates you to go after your own goals. Maybe you just hit 30, 40, 50 - and you’re thinking back to what you used to be able to do. Stop. Embrace the season of life that you are in, and love it! It’s a new beginning, a new chance to find yourself and explore new things. Just remember that we are all beautiful. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and ages, and it’s up to us to embrace it and love ourselves the way that we are. 

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