3 Reasons Why Your Beauty Goes Beyond Looks | Self Care Ideas for Women & Body Positivity

3 reasons why your beauty goes beyond looks!

The beauty of a woman isn't her perfect silhouette or the smoothness of her skin. It is compassion in her heart, authenticity in her voice, and the just how strong she can be when pushed against the wall.

For us, her beauty, like a good old country hit it is the sparkle in her eyes, the kick in her boots and the seat of her pants:

  • The sparkle in our eyes - What a woman truly wants and believes in, will make her move mountains! We can be fickle and very emotional beings, but when we finally figure out what we truly desire, that energy is genuinely sexy and damn near unstoppable. Learn to trust that you are invincible when acting toward what you believe in and truly want. Align your actions with your values.

  • The kick in our boots - Just as our 'Sparkle' needs some finding, the kick in our boot needs a little motivation. Society says that men are stronger, although they may be able to carry more massive things physically. We can endure and persevere through so much more. But because we are not necessarily expected to be strong, often it is not until it is the last resort that we find out just how strong we can be.

  • Seat of our pants - ah, out sixth sense. Intuition! Here we are unmatched! Men are taught to be more logical as we are expected to be more sensitive, and Intuition is all about sensitivity. So how do you listen in? First, keep a close eye on physical responses.

Let's say; you've been offered a raise. A new position that pays twice your current salary. Your head says 'Of course! 'But you notice that you feel butterflies in your stomach. That can be a cue that you should sit back and ponder the offer. Be sure also to understand that hard decisions naturally bring fear and anxiety, learn to tell the difference.

Your beauty comes from living your life in line with your values and beliefs, from making a difference by inspiring and supporting others to achieving their dreams.

And remember - beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; it is how you live and how you feel. It is in your actions, not in the mirror.