Beauty beyond looks, age, weight & size | Self Care Ideas for Women & Body Positivity

Beauty beyond looks, age, weight and size!

Ever noticed how many beauty companies make you feel 'ugly,' health companies make you feel sick, anti-aging companies make you feel old and weight-loss companies make you feel fat?

They tell us to "lose weight," "fight" our wrinkles, "cover" our grays, "fill in" those fine lines, use "anti-aging" makeup, and above all, disguise whatever age we happen to be.

We noticed. 

We've smelled the roses, and we don't swallow the evening news! So what's beauty for us at N.O.P:

    • Beauty is not liposuction, facelift, botox, and whatever augmentation. True beauty includes dimples and grey hair, freckles and stretch marks - and all the imperfections that make you unique! 

    • True beauty celebrates and empowers others; it doesn't belittle with excessive comparisons.

    • Beauty is also a tiny waist and long legs, high cheeks, and full lips -  all your proudest features that make you-you! And only you!

We see many of the pretentious messages about our looks, health, weight, age as brainwashing. 

This pro-beauty beyond looks movement goes against every other "anti-aging" "weight loss" "beauty" message you'll hear. And it impacts everything we do. 

It means we celebrate loving your body at any size and every age! And all the beautiful, empowering, and joyful things about a woman's experience through every stage of her life. It means that we believe that all women can look beautiful without faking it.

It also means we look to create clothing that brings out a woman's natural beauty at all ages, shapes, sizes, sexuality, or story.