5 Reasons Why to Love Your Body | Self Care Ideas for Women & Body Positivity

5 reasons why to love your body at any age and size!

There are no two people on earth who look exactly the same. This is critical to women, especially since women tend to be overly critical of ourselves.

We all have our own unique body shape and size. Embrace and celebrate it rather than punish yourself. Each and every woman has qualities that make them beautiful and unique, regardless of body shape, size, height, age, etc. 


  1. Your body is your body! Love it the way it is.

 The minute you let go of trying to meet unrealistic beauty standards, you can begin to build your self-confidence. Confidence is the key to loving yourself and the body you have. 


  1. Don't let your size or age dictate how you feel about yourself or how much confidence you have.

Self-confidence is an essential factor in feeling comfortable in your own body. If you dedicate yourself to eating nutritious food, enjoying exercise regularly, and practicing positive reinforcement, you will be on your way to creating a healthy body image. 


  1. Your body, your story! Embrace yours.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, we have different goals and are at various stages of our life. Whether you just had a baby, are under a lot of stress, or struggle with digestion. No matter what it is, we are all a work in progress. 


  1. Think about why loving your body is significant to you.

Love the body you have by taking good care of it so that you can do amazing things. Without the body that you have right now, no matter the shape, size, weight, or height, where would you be? 


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

Honor your own unique physicality. When you start loving your body as it is today, you may become motivated to find new forms of exercise that feel natural and celebratory instead of uncomfortable and punishing. You might want to try cooking meals that fill you up while also delivering vital nutrients to you. And you won't beat yourself up for your unique size and shape. No two people living on earth look identical. Don't let others define you.


  1. Focus on your strengths rather than your weakness.

Enjoying health regardless of your size, means you are willing to work hard for the body transformations that you can control every day. The moment you start thinking positively rather than focusing on the negative, you will then find gratitude for the things that make you-you.